31 Jul 2021

Come & See Inspirations team bids adieu to SacredSpace102fm

Back in 2008, John Keily started out on his broadcasting journey as a volunteer with a local community radio station in west Limerick and along the way picked up a motely crew of hangers on and panelists like Lorraine Buckley and Shane Ambrose :)

We started out this blog SacredSpace102fm, as at the time that was our main volunteer work but over the years we have expanded out our online presence and came together as the Come & See Inspirations podcast team. SS102fm was then part of the portfolio of work that we did and it was broadcast on radio and online via various podcast platforms

But life has many twists and turns and in August 2021, the Come & See Inspirations Podcast team has parted ways from SacredSpace102fm. 

We have started out with a change in direction with a focus on our podcast and podcast listeners offering us a chance to have more in depth discussions and reflections on this and future podcasts. It is all new for us in some regards but we are planning to bring the same interesting, faith filled conversations contributing to the New Evangelisation on the digital frontiers! We still have to come up with a name for our new podcasts but watch this space!

This blog is the archive of our varied work from 2010 to 2019 where the focus of our work was on SacredSpace102fm and our contribution to the New Evangelisation. You are welcome to browse our archive but bear in mind that C&SI has now migrated to pastures new.

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16 Sept 2019

Link to Podcasts

Weekly radio programme continues to be available to listen to as a podcast HERE.

3 Sept 2019

Thank You and Goodbye!

On 3rd September in 2010, SacredSpace102fm's blog took to the internet with the publication of our first blog post. Looking back its hard to believe how the time has passed and the volume of programmes we have produced over that time - 520 programmes and 3144 blog posts. 

However, all good things must come to an end and it seemed fitting as we concluded our decade on the blog that this would be the moment when we would announce its retirement. 

Now we must hasten to add it is only the blog which is retiring - not the radio programme! You will still be able to access the recordings of our weekly programme plus additional podcasts at the Come & See Inspirations podcast page HERE.

Initially our intention with the blog had been to provide a space to allow listeners to access the recordings of our weekly programme but it has grown over the years and we have had a total of 1,266,253 visits to the blog in that 10 year period - not too shabby for a small blog in west Limerick.  

However, there are a number of factors which have required our review of the workload involved with producing the programme and maintaining the blog including changes and departures from the team. So we are rationalising things a small bit but not disappearing from the world wide web. After all in 2009 Pope Benedict XVI's urged the users of the internet to: 
"......bear witness to your faith through the digital world!......Employ these new technologies to make the Gospel known, so that the Good News of God’s infinite love for all people, will resound in new ways across our increasingly technological world!"
We will endeavor to continue to make our small contribution to that part of the new evangelisation.

On a personal level as the blog editor it has been an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to pilot this online initiative for SS102fm over the last ten years which I have been able to do no matter where in the world I have been. We have had some wonderful guests sharing their stories and their faith experiences; some marvelous reflections especially around Advent and Lent submitted from all around the world and also broken a news story or two ourselves.

The blog will remain accessible as it is an archive of our work over the last ten years, however it won't be updated nor will the links be maintained. We will also be shutting down the comment boxes from 8th September. Now we must hasten to add again it is only the blog which is retiring - not the radio programme! You will still be able to access the recordings of our weekly programme plus additional podcasts at the Come & See Inspirations podcast page HERE.

With grateful thanks to all our guests, contributors and especially to you our listeners and readers! 

Looking forward to the next ten years of the programme.

John & Anne, Lorraine and Shane
SS102fm team