30 Nov 2010

Advent Reflections - What does Advent mean to me?

Over the next few weeks, we will post some reflections from various people about what Advent means to them. Please feel free to add your own reflections and thoughts in the comment boxes.

J, L, M & S

Sr Maria Rose Nannyonjo IHMR (Uganda)

"We have began the Season of Advent. To me it has the following meanings:

- Advent is a time of preparation, renewal and refreshment. This Season is like a springtime in nature, when everything is renewed and so is fresh and healthy.
- Advent is meant to refresh us and make us healthy, to be able to receive Christ in whatever form he may come to us.

- In this Season, we should stay awake and stand ready, because we do not know the hour when the Son of Man (Christ) is coming.

Let us continue to pray to the Lord that he may help us to participate actively in preparation for His coming and may we enjoy the fruits of the forthcoming Christmas 2010.
I wish you a happy feast of St. Andrew the Apostle and a grace-filled month of December 2010.

May God bless you abundantly.
Sr. Maria Rose Nannyonjo

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