29 Jan 2011

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - January 28th 2011

On this weeks show we meet Fr Michael Liston who we hope is going to be a regular contributor to the show. Fr Michael takes us through a poetical reflection on parts of west Limerick and the need to have hope especially at this time. We have our regular reflection on the Sunday Gospel as well as our Saints for the week, some reflective music, our prayer space in the day and some chat.

Gospel - Matthew 5:1-12

This weeks gospel is a very familiar gospel - the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount with the preaching of the Beatitudes or as it was once described Christians political manifesto.

If ever a gospel needed to be used in lectio, this weeks gospel would be one because it is such a gospel that we think we are familiar with. But each time we read it, it hits us again just how strange is this message being preached where those who are being called Blessed are those whom society still today considers as the misfits or the out siders with the corresponding question as to why Jesus is highlighting them to us.

The need to reflect on what it means to be "Poor in spirit" or "meek", "merciful" and the corresponding rewards which are promised to us should cause us to stop in amazement upon hearing the Word proclaimed to ask ourselves what on earth it could mean.

Further reflections available here, here and here.

Saints of the Week

We have a busy week ahead with some heavy hitting saints and feasts in the liturgical calander.

January 31st - St John Bosco – Priest – Founder of the Salesians
February 1st St Bridget – Abbess – Secondary Patron of Ireland - (452-524) Mary of the Gael
February 2nd - Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (World Day for Consecrated Life) 

February 3rd - St Blaise – Bishop (Blessing of Throats)
Febuary 4th - St Andrew Corsini (Carmelite Bishop) - First Friday
February 5th - St Agatha – Virgin martyr

As always, thanks for listening

John, Lorraine, Shane, Michael K, Fr Michael


  1. Thank you Fr. Micheal for your insightful thoughts and reflections. Hope you will be joining us regularly! God bless you and your priestly ministry. Lorraine

  2. Greetings, Shane brought out a lovely point about manifesto, and yes our Priest this morning started talking about politics whilst standing in the aisle preaching to us. Many I am sure wondered what he was going on about, but as alluded to in your programme, Christ is our manifesto, we follow him and our blessedness grows when we share and respond to others. Your programme lightens the Sunday morning and your contributors offer so much to reflect on. I wonder if you could add the music names/songs to the blog as those who might not catch the show can listen later, often your musical choices act as a calming reflection during hectic days. Enjoying the show in Enfield... keep up God's good work. John - Enfield