13 Feb 2011

Some web browsing

This weeks round up of some web browsing for you to peruse through at your leisure:
  • First off, Sacred Space 102fm gives a BIG THANK YOU to Fr Gerard Dunne OP, the Vocations Director for the Irish Dominican Province who gave us a recommendation this week and to his visitors who have popped over to say hello, welcome to Sacred Space 102fm! Sacred Space 102fm readers are encouraged to pay a return visit to Fr Gerard's blog - Irish Domincan Vocations - and to continue to pray for vocations to the Dominicans and all religious congregations in Ireland
  • In this weeks Irish Catholic, Michael Kelly has a piece about debating the "new" Mass which will be introduced in November 2011. An intro for people to begin getting their heads around it. We will be posting links from around the web for people to read the new translation and to follow the discussion in the next week or so, so keep an eye on the side bar to the right.
  • Over at Patheos.com, Chelsea Zimmerman has a piece about how Refusing to suffer is refusing to live.
  • Archbishop Hilarion, who is the main contact man for dialogue between the Roman Catholic church and the Russian Orthodox Church gives his views on the state of ecumenism and moves towards christian unity.
  • The Anchoress picks up a Marian connection this week with the stepping down of Egyptian President Mubarak.
  • One of the premier English speaking religious affairs correspondants, NCR's John Allen points out how in America's religious marketplace, the real Catholic problem is new sales.
  • The Tablet is following the debate that has (once more) broken out in Germany about the role of celibacy and its interconnectedness with priesthood in the Latin Rite.
  • A lot of discussion around the place about the new Confession App which was launched this week with some interesting commentary about it from Fr Z (well actually the uber catholic blogger Fr Z posted here, here and here), the Anchoress (here and here), Deacon Greg and Inside Catholic. Of course we need to point out to the misinformed and to some media outlets that the App is not confession, has not been disapproved of by the vatican, can't be confession and in an old fashion kind of way, is a modern presentation of An Examination of Conscience.
  • Anti-christian violence in Indonesia is alarming, lets continue to pray for our fellow Christians around the world.
  • Marie Keenan poses questions about the role of the Irish bishops, officials in the Vatican and the silence of the Murphy report about that 1997 letter from the papal nuncio.
  • An example of the New Evangelisation in practise in of all places, London!
  • The Pope announces the publication of YouCat - a youth cathecism which will be out in time for WYD 2011 in Madrid. Sandro Magister has a report about it as well.
  • Does the instinct to deny beauty to the materially poor betray a wider spiritual poverty?
  • Archbishop Martin reminds us that Liturgy is not purely a human action but rather is the action of God.
  • Continuing the theme of beauty and liturgy, Michael Kelly introduces us to the newly redecorated Chapel in the Irish College in Rome. If you are in Rome, a definite recommended place to visit - preferably on a Sunday morning to join with the seminarians for Mass.
  • Ever wonder what outsiders think of Mass? Here an evangelical protestant goes to Mass and gives their view, which in the context of our debates about liturgy is an interesting view from an outsider.
  • Blogger Jennifer Fulwiler puts out a survey - What is the religious climate in your country? The responses are informative.......
  • The path of returning to God - another article in the series by Fr James Martin SJ.
And finally some art to lift the heart and mind:

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