3 Sep 2011

4th September 2011 - 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) plus a pilgrims reflection on WYD 2011

On this weeks show John is joined by Fr Micháel and Colin Hayes. The show has a reflection about WYD 2011, our regular weekly reflection on the scripture.

The weeks podcast is now available.
World Youth Day 2011

Fr Michael was one of the "young" attendees at WYD 2011and recounts his experience of the days in Madrid with the youth of the world where he was encouraged by the way the young people were asking questions and being encouraged to ask questions about faith and what it means. He speaks of the various days and his thoughts and reflections on how WYD will support young people in their faith journey.
Gospel - Matthew 18:15-20

This weeks gospel looks to the unity of the Christian family, the family of Christ which can truly pray "Our Father". Jesus seeks to ensure that we be open, gentle and forgiving with each other; always seekings for unity of heart and mind which will lead us to grow in love of God and of our neighbours. It is a counter intuitive gospel for the society that we live in today where it is almost a case of everyone for themselves in a "compo culture" with a focus on individual human rights whilst ignoring individual human responsibilities and ignoring our need and responsibility to be in community - in communion.

At the sametime, the gospel also includes the passage of great hope and promise where we can seek the help of God in the name of Jesus, which we often paraphrase as "seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and it will be opened".

There is also the great promise of Jesus being constantly present even in the world today where "two or three are gathered in my name". Just as Jesus is present especially in the Eucharist, in the Word in scripture, in the priest when he stands in persona Christi but also in the community gathered together in his name. It is a reminder that when we gather in prayer, in communion with each other, Jesus is there amongst us and that we need to recognise that presence.

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Saints of the Week

September 5th - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
September 6th - St Eugene of Cappadocia
September 7th - St John Maki (martyr) (it is also the date of the foundation of the Legion of Mary)
September 8th - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
September 9th - St Kieran the Younger (of Clonmacnoise)
September 10th - Blessed Lucy de Freitas

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