7 Nov 2011

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Pat Gohn writes a reflection on Forty-one lovely words grounded in scripture and tradition: The Hail Mary is true Christian prayer. We rejoice with God in what he has done in and through Mary to give us Jesus.

If you ever felt like quiting, don't blame God!

Ever found it difficult to get up for work in the morning? Have you ever wondered about a theological approach to work?

Economic turmoil for people visible to Redemptoristines through volume of prayer requests.

An interesting article from the Irish Times looking at contemplative religious life behind the convent walls.

Irish public sharply divided over view of Church: poll

Pope Benedict XVI is travelling to Benin in the next few weeks. John Allen looks at how to avoid another "condom-gate" controversy as the Pope heads to Africa.

Leading AIDS researcher defends Pope Benedict, criticizes condoms

The USA hasn't started using the revised translation of the new missal as we have in Ireland yet, but Kathy Schiffer has an interesting take on all the analysis and reactions to it - Too many translation tensions: The new missal translations bring our prayers in line with those of Catholics the world over. We sing better with one voice.

An interesting analysis of the revised translation from a 16 year old Latin whiz kid!

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