19 Jun 2012

100,000 Thank You's!

100, 000 Visitors!

Tonight at 22.19pm Plano in Texas, USA became the 100,000th Visitor to the Blog!!
We started out on this online adventure on 7th Sept 2010
A sample of monthly visits over that time:
  • December 2010 - 1,442 Visitors
  • June 2011 - 2,717 Visitors
  • December 2011 - 5,565 Visitors
  • May 2012 - 13,858 Visitors
Just today the Countries that visited us are: -
Australia, Turkey, Finland, Philipines, US, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Tanzania, Malaysia,Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, China, Belgium, Poland, Sweeden, India, Canada, Pakistan, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, France, Mali and Niue
We thank God to have the opportunity to share the Good News with your our readers and listeners!

God bless and thanks to all for your prayers and support.

John, Lorraine, Shane and all the Sacred Space 102fm team

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations and thanks to you all for the great news you bring and the service and community to others you have created here.

    Blessings and all good wishes for the future.