19 Jul 2013

WYD 2013 - Pope Francis gets ready and a few other bits and pieces - UPDATED

From Rome Reports:

From Vatican Radio:

Pope Francis on Friday tweeted his best wishes to World Youth Day pilgrims, many of whom are en route or already arrived in the host city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “Many of you have already arrived in Rio and many more are just arriving,” he wrote via his @pontifex handle on the micro-blogging platform. He added, “We will see one another there in only three days.” More than three hundred thousand people are registered for the event, with organisers preparing for as many as two and a half million visitors.

Listen to Vatican Radio's article HERE.

NCR's John Allen's coverage:
National Catholic Reporters coverege of WYD HERE.

Fr James Martin SJ corrects the media (yet again) about some of the facts of being Roman Catholic - Sorry, retweeing the pope wont get you out of hell
For Irish people who cant make it to Rio; follow Rio in Dublin on their Facebook page.


The Jesuit Post coverage of WYD 2013

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