30 Sep 2013

We now return to our regular progamme schedule - Interview with Fr Chris O'Donnell from Templeglantine

One of the joys of being an "international" team working on SS102fm is sometimes technology refuses to co-operate and you sometimes feel like doing this:

However, patience is a virtue we are told so with our sincerest apologies, please find below the link to this weeks programme.

The programme this week was an interview with Fr Chris O'Donnell from Templeglantine who is a member of the Irish branch of the Pallotine Order working in Argentina for the last 37 years. The interview was conducted back in April 2013. During his time in Argentina he worked with and knew the former archbishop of Buenos Aires  Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is probably more well know as Pope Francis following his election in March 2013!

Podcast of the interview is available HERE.

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