10 Jan 2014

Dear Papa , I ask you - Ten young women from different parts of the non-Catholic world interrogate Bergoglio

What do ten young women living in ten different countries have in common? To start with they are all daughters of the same era, all aged between twenty and thirty years old. If cultural relativism has created a gap in society also in geographically close areas, on the other hand the new generations around the globe are linked by common lifestyles, new technologies and a neo-scientific worldview that rejects any a priori possibility of transcendence, so that - to paraphrase Pope Francis - one could speak of globalization of immanence.

Yet the ten women we interviewed did not all belong to the category of rational non-believers. Some are agnostic, where agnosticism is today the secular faith that transversely informs globalized youth culture (uncertainty of the future, refusal to take responsibility for definitive decisions, a fascination for the uncertain), hidden under the guise of a supposed greater freedom: the ability to be able to rewrite their own thoughts without succumbing to the heaviness of irrevocable decisions, charged with those traditional confessions that up until now were presumed to be unfit to interpret existential needs. However one can glimpse through the profiles of the ten young women and notice anxieties for something that lies beyond, but that they do not know how to explain, and that is perhaps the real common denominator of this generation. The queries that the ten women pose to the Pope have nothing to do with the very serious and fundamental theological and doctrinal dilemmas that make up the central plot of religious matters, nor do they have anything to do with curiosity about the habits and the personal tastes of the Pope. They are on the other hand questions that go straight to the heart of issues important to ordinary people.
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