15 Mar 2014

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Go on, go on, you know you want a cuppa.....and some things to read over while you have it.

Pope Francis

Obviously with the first anniversary of his election as Supreme Pontiff on March 13th, there has been a lot of coverage and analysis about Pope Francis:

The Boston Globe - At one year mark surprise but no buyers' remorse for Pope Francis

CNN - Fr James Martin SJ - A key to understanding Pope Francis

The Guardian (UK) - Pope Francis: has his revolution even started?
Transcript: Pope Francis' March 5 interview with Corriere della Sera

Pope Francis, Tagle hailed as ‘rock stars’

The Jesuit Post - Playlist 4 Pontifex! - "How do you measure a year – especially when it’s the first year of a new pope who’s made waves the way Pope Francis has! We asked for your help in creating a #Playlist4Pontifex, and boy, did you deliver! From all over the world, you gave us songs in different languages from almost as many genres as there are songs on the list: classical, rock, pop, Broadway – you name it, it’s here!"

Financial reform shows crafty political side of pope

Global Catholicism: The Church is Changing, But Not How We Might Think

New reality in Vatican: Surprise, it’s the pope!

Cardinal picks embody principles of ‘Pope of the Poor’

Pope: Professing the faith without good works is just spouting hot air

Pope: seek forgiveness of sins in Jesus through the Church, even though "we are ashamed"
A surprising afterlife for Pope Benedict XVI
Ratzinger: “My resignation is valid. Speculations are simply absurd”

Pope Benedict moves to quash anti-Francis backlash
CDF official: My memories of that historic day when Pope Benedict stepped down
A couple of important talks by Pope Francis over the last few weeks:
Pope shares anecdotes, talks to priests about mercy, hearing confession
Pope of the slums - In a video interview with Argentinean Radio Station, 88.1 FM Bajo Flores, Pope Francis called for the adoption of a spirit of poverty and defended priests, who live and work in slums among the poor.
Pope Francis: accompany, don't condemn, those who experience failure in marriage
Here’s how Francis is changing the “bishop factory”

Lets not forget with all the papal excitement, we are in the midst of Lent!

The Light is On for You - Reconciliation, also called Confession or Penance, lavishly benefits the one who confesses. It requires little time and costs nothing. Yet recent surveys show that many Catholics only rarely if ever go. Why?

Christ was here, and I missed him

Lenten Simplicity
The Importance of Almsgiving
Fasting - A Lenten Primer
Words That Heal - Finding strength in Scripture
The 9 rules of Lent every Irish person knows

If your thoughts as you prepare to begin Lent are of what you plan to give up and of how much you will suffer without chocolate or alcohol during the next six weeks, perhaps it is time to realign your approach to the season. Will your chosen Lenten observance help you to grow as you journey towards Easter? Philip Endean SJ wants to remind us that ‘this great season of grace’ is not a time for constriction: ‘Lent is only Christian if it is positive.’

Other bits and pieces

During the week it was announced that the Eastern Orthodox Church is to convene a Pan-Orthodox Synod in 2016 - the first such gathering for the Orthodox Church in 1200 years:

The Anointing -  a priest's story
Digging Deep - Remembering Seamus Heaney, weaver of words

Millennials: unattached to everything, including religion

Turkey: Christians concerned Hagia Sophia could soon become a mosque
Ecumenical Patriarch says no to Hagia Sophia as a mosque, yes to Christian worship
Boston Globe - Catholicism growing in heart of Muslim world

What do pornography and dwindling vocations both suggest about men's greatest fear? Father Damien Ference, who works closely with young men in high school and the seminary, shares his observations.
Ukraine - the Icon corner of the world
Vocations dont grow on trees; they aren't found under cabbage plants. They come from families and communities which foster an openness to listening to the voice of the Master. But sometimes family can have greater doubts than the discerner............How is your family taking it?

Marriage and the "Fear of Forever"

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