31 Oct 2014

Saints and All Hallows Eve - Busted Halo


Fr. James Martin describes the connections between the Saints and All Saints Day, including: canonization process, patron saints and highlights of various individual saints.
A few articles from around the web on All Hallows Eve and the commemoration of the dead in the Catholic tradition:
Why I Kneel - All Saints - Word on Fire
All Saints and All Souls Day: A Time of Mercy, Forgiveness and Reflection (Part II)

Sleepers awake, Christ is now risen
Empty the tomb risen the son X2
Alleluia x4
Marked with the cross, sealed with the Spirit
Risen with Christ, sing out our joy x2
Alleluia x4
Death has been slain; life is victorious
Winter is past; Springtime returns x2
Alleluia x6

You can find the readings for All Saints HERE and the Office for the Dead for All Souls HERE.
Reflections on All Saints from past posts on the blog here, here, here and here.

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