26 Nov 2014

Advent is here.......(well almost!)

Sunday is New Years Day! 

Well it is in the liturgical calendar as it is the first Sunday of Advent so from sundown on Saturday evening we enter into the new liturgical year and enter into the season of preparation for the Adventus of the Lord.

St Bernard often highlighted what he described as the "three advents" of Christ.  He named as first that advent which has already happened in historical time and space and which we now commemorate each Christmas, the one in which Christ entered the world through the womb of Mary to "seek and to save that which was lost".  The third is the parousia, the advent in which Christ will come to judge the living and the dead, and to take us to himself.  Then Bernard explained the second, or middle, advent as the "time of visitation" by which Christ is now present and active in each of our lives.  Daily he is at work in us through grace to transform us into his image and likeness and to bring us salvation and healing from the sin, difficulties, sicknesses, and human frailties of our everyday lives. 

Something light to get you thinking of the season we are about to celebrate; have you thought about how you are going to mark Advent this year? Are you going to give time to PREPARE for Christmas and not just in the secular, materialistic way?

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