13 Jun 2016

Some web browsing......the Pan Orthodox Holy & Great Council - UPDATED

Logo of the Holy & Great Council
Eastern Orthodox Primates gathered in Crete to prepare for the pan-Orthodox Council, June 17, 2016. Credit: GOA/DIMITRIOS PANAGOS. Photo courtesy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
The Pan-Orthodox Holy & Great Council begins this weekend in Crete after many difficulties but with the absence of the Russian Orthodox Church.
What is it and why should it be important to Catholics? Series of articles below including number of updates.

The omens aren't looking too positive for the success of the Pan-Orthodox Holy & Great Council scheduled to be held in Crete from June 19th. What is it and why should it be important to Catholics? Series of articles and coverage below:

NCR- Pan-Orthodox Meltdown Ahead of Great Council?  
Crux - Leading cleric says Orthodox Church’s ‘Vatican II’ is a go
Crux - Russians want to postpone historic Orthodox summit
Russian statement on their participation
Crux - Gut-check time in June for both Orthodox and Catholics 
Russian Orthodox Church pulls out of Crete council

Got news? Will anyone cover that historic, and now shaky, Orthodox council in Crete?


Vatican Radio - Countdown to opening of Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete
America - Will Pan-Orthodox Council Be Held for First Time in over a Thousand Years?
It’s Everyone Or No One. The Synodality That Is Sinking the Council
Catholic Herald - Orthodox scholars urge leaders to go ahead with council 
Catholic Herald - Orthodox leaders split over whether Council can go ahead
Catholic Herald - Pope sends top Vatican officials to Pan-Orthodox Council
Troubles facing the Pan-Orthodox Council confirm the need for the Petrine office 

Crux- Moscow wants delay, Constantinople moves ahead on Orthodox summit

Update: Arrival of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew  (including video)
Crux- With or without Russia, spokesman says Orthodox council is ‘binding’
Vatican Radio - Patriarch Bartholomew arrives in Crete ahead of pan-Orthodox Council (including radio report)
La Stampa - “Here is why the Russian Church is not attending the Council in Crete”
CNEWA- “What If They Gave a Synod and Nobody Came?” 

First Things - The Pan-Orthodox Council Must and Will Proceed
First Things - The Pan-Orthodox Council: Where Things Stand
CNA - Pan-Orthodox Council still a go – spokesman for Ecumenical Patriarch
Russian Patriarch sends greetings to council in Crete, calls for unity
‘Other’ Orthodox have low expectations for ‘Great Council’

Keep an eye on the YouTube channel of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for video updates on the Council.

Official website of the Holy & Great Council

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