18 Oct 2016

Synod 2016 - Presentation of draft Pastoral Plan to Delegates

On Saturday 15th October, Synod delegates gathered together for one final time to complete the formal event that was Synod 2016. Limerick diocese's draft Pastoral Plan 2016 - 2025 was presented to delegates to ask for affirmation of the implementation plan based on the proposals discussed and voted on during the formal sessions of the synod in April 2016.

[Photos from the meeting on 15/10/2016 can be seen on Synod Facebook page]

The Synod vote has given an overall direction for the diocese and also a clear thrust for each of the six themes thus providing a Vision to guide the diocese in the years ahead. It has also enabled prioritisation of the proposals within the theme and devise a strategy for delivering the broad range of actions identified.

In each theme the aim is to begin by doing something at diocesan level to increase our ability to move on this theme – this is achieved by training, employing or appointing people to key positions. Then, in turn the aim is to similarly develop the ability on the ground to make progress on actions by providing training and resources and ensuring there are people at local level who can deliver actions in this theme.

There are many proposals and many actions named in the plan – the intention is that local communities approach many of these (the ones that are not core or essential) as they would a menu and choose those that are appropriate to their circumstances.

Finally, there are two other categories of proposals for which we have employed a different strategy.
Firstly, there are those proposals brought forward by groups or agencies who are already working in this area and who have experience and expertise, for example Compassionate Communities, Bedford Row, Children’s’ Grief project. Here the strategy is to work with and support these groups rather than working in parallel. Secondly some proposals have been brought forward by delegates themselves who have a passion and experience in the particular area, for example, Inter and Intra faith dialogue, Living with disability, Laudato Si and care for the Environment, or the JP II Awards. Again here the strategy is to go back to those delegates and work with them to act upon their proposals.

There was broad agreement on the thrust of the implementation plan with good discussion, and lots of ideas on how the diocese can progress the next steps. 

At the end Bishop Brendan reminded delegates, the event of Synod and the process which the diocese has undergone means there is no going back!

On Wednesday 19th October at the diocesan conference, clergy, PPC chairpersons and pastoral area delegates will hear the details of the new pastoral plan and consider how it will apply to their parishes over the next number of years.

You can read the draft pastoral plan HERE.

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