6 Nov 2016

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Jubilee of Mercy

During jubilee for prisoners, Pope tells inmates not to lose hope

Pope asks authorities to grant clemency for prisoners during Jubilee
At Jubilee Mass for Prisoners, Pope Francis Calls for a Criminal Justice System that Gives Hope
Pope Francis pleaded with them, “never yield to the temptation of thinking that we cannot be forgiven. Whatever our hearts may accuse us of, small or great, ‘God is greater than our hearts.’ We need but entrust ourselves to his mercy.” 
He noted that sometimes in today’s world “a certain hypocrisy leads to people considering you only as wrongdoers, for whom prison is the sole answer.” In fact, he said, “we don’t think about the possibility that people can change their lives; we put little trust in rehabilitation.” But in this way, “we forget that we are all sinners and often, without being aware of it. We, too, are prisoners.” 
Holy Doors to close at Roman basilicas next Sunday


WP - We live in Aleppo. Here’s how we survive

In praise of a sacred silence in church - I no longer resent everybody who turns to his neighbor to share this week’s goings-on... I have my earplugs.

When I prayed for vocations, I didn’t mean God could have MY daughter! - A father's thoughts on his daughter's entry into a Passionist cloister

Are Italy's Earthquakes Divine Retribution

Buried or burned, respect for the dead is what matters 

Limerick is a lady not a dame

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