28 May 2017

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Archbishop Martin defends Church’s role in public discourse [at a lecture at the University of East Anglia in Norwich as part of the Newman Lectures]

Speaking notes of Archbishop Eamon Martin for the annual University of East Anglia Newman Lecture

The importance of speaking in the public square – address by Archbishop Eamon Martin at the inaugural conference of ‘The Iona Institute Northern Ireland’.

Rush to moralise over Tuam has run ahead of the facts - While the home was an awful, tragic place, it was not necessarily a site of insanity or evil

Religious are cut to the heart by negative media - “The same old clichés are still being trotted out and caricature images of ‘nuns’ repeated ad nauseam” – Sr Una Agnew.

Pro-repeal group return billionaire’s cash after ethics watchdog probe

Belgian bishops clash with Brothers of Charity over decision to allow euthanasia

The possibilities for rural Ireland are boundless – Fr Eamonn Fitzgibbon

Catholic Church in Ireland must move away from ‘service station’ model (Interesting to see this echoing the discussion of the Limerick Synod in 2015!)

Coptic Pope visits Ireland

Overflow of joy at Fr Sullivan beatification in Dublin

Pope Francis doubts Medjugorje messages

Pope Francis appoints Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo as the new Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland

Relic of Saint Teresa of Calcutta to visit the cathedrals of Ireland

We owe a debt to those buried at Arbour Hill – Bishop Denis Nulty at State Commemoration of 1916 Rising

Archbishop Charles Brown has profound gratitude for his time in Ireland - Before he left for a new post in Albania, Archbishop Charles Brown, the Pope's ambassador to Ireland for the last five years, spoke to Dominic O'Reilly about the 'heroism of the ordinary', counter-cultural Christianity and how an encounter with Buddhist monks in Nepal rekindled his faith

On the vocations good news front:

From the catholic weird but awesome stuff! - 5 of the most remarkable incorrupt saints

CNA -  What the littlest children can teach us about suffering
CNA - Pope Francis to nuns: Your joy can change the world
The U.N. is about to get an unexpected visitor: Our Lady of Fatima

CNA - Cardinal Dolan finds lesson in humility in life of Irish migrant who saw Our Lady 

CNA - Bono thinks Christian artists need to be way more honest

CNA - Seminarian who once saved the Eucharist from ISIS returns as a priest

No research justifies the use of human embryos, Pope Francis says

Walsingham’s quiet beauty makes it the ideal shrine for England 

Churches Should Be Beautiful Because Ugly Churches Are Bad for Our Soul 

Blessed Margaret Pole: Catholic England’s Royal Martyr

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