25 Jun 2017

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This pro-life talk at Google's headquarters was a hit - A pro-life activist walks into Google’s headquarters and delivers a speech so compelling that within 24 hours, the online video of it surpassed a similar speech given by the head of Planned Parenthood. It may sound like the start to a far-fetched joke, but on April 20th, pro-life speaker and activist Stephanie Gray did just that.

Ted Talk star will address rally for Life on 1 July - Karen Gaffney will be main speaker at Save the 8th Rally for Life on 1 July in Dublin. “Voices of people with disability must be heard in abortion debate,” say organisers

Muslims rename mosque in honor of Mary, Mother of Jesus

Young priest ordained in a wheelchair dies

It was the photo that touched Britain, a Jewish woman and a Muslim man united in grief. The story of their 10-year friendship wil restore your faith in humanity

Irish worker discovers ancient manuscript that links Irish church to Egypt

7 Sanctuaries linked by a straight line: The legendary Sword of St. Michael

5 of the most remarkable incorrupt saints

Panicking with Grace: A Spirituality for Whatever's Next

Maynooth seminary to be overhauled after turbulent period 

Bishop Robert Barron reflects from Monaghan about what Pope Francis says to priests 

Icelandic Catholics receive a wooden church from Slovakia 

NCR- Democracy in the church seems like a fine idea -- in theory  

Faithful across Ireland invited to celebrate the centenary of the Fatima apparitions 9th July at Knock 

Church leaders call for spirit of hope and continued peace-building in Northern Ireland on centenary of Battle of Messines 

Pope Francis appoints Fr Alan McGuckian as Ireland’s first Jesuit bishop 

Pope Francis: ‘Shepherds are not the centre of the Church’ 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Saint of Lofty Goals 

Silence and the Meaning of the Mass - I will confess that during many years as a priest, and now as a bishop, I have often wondered whether our hyper-stimulated congregations know exactly what they are participating in. They know that they are active, but active precisely in what?

Where Did Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Come From? 

'A saint for our times' – the inspiring story of Chiara Corbella Petrillo

The husband of Chiara Corbella on his wife’s sacrifice and possible canonization 

The Gift of Priestly Celibacy 

Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister is no liberal hero 

A layman’s advice to the anxious, young, and priestly

A priest’s first prayer: “You have to break my heart, always…” 

Catholic bishop takes questions from the peanut gallery!

The world’s most famous diary turns 75 

How the Infant of Prague and the Sacred Heart of Jesus both chased me down 

Can relics unite Catholics and Orthodox? Pope Francis thinks so.

Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the Door of Mercy

‘If you don’t think Francis is the cure, you don’t grasp the disease,’ CL head says 

The Vacuum Christian Indifference Creates - The crisis we face when the church is silent on social justice.

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