15 Jul 2017

Youth Ministry in Limerick hits the headlines - for all the good reasons!

From weekly newsletter of Limerick Diocese:

Whenever a popular priest moves, there is a little heartbreak. Part of what makes our priests so great, is the relationships they build up, and so its not easy to let go sometimes. However as Fr Chris says so well, part of the life of a priest is letting go and serving where one is called. 

We know that other priests have had similar outpourings of love, and are happy to share other good news too - please email NLynch@ldpc.ie at any stage with such news. 

Fr Chris O'Donnell
However, it would be remiss to not share one of the big news stories of the summer here, so - while it will only add to Fr Chris' embarrassment! - here are some of the stories of the past week:

  • The Limerick Leader (July 10th) captured the best spirit of the past week in this article, which includes the lovely video Bishop Brendan, Daragh and Fr Chris made in response to the outpouring of love. 
  • Fr Chris was also asked to appear on a number of shows, and decided it was a way to honour the energy and pro-activity of our young people. Here are some of those reports and interviews:  Irish Independent, Limerick Post, Limerick Leader, Irish Times.
  • Fr Chris and Aoife Walsh were invited on the Miriam O'Callaghan show on RTE1 on Saturday night. You can watch it back here.

If you want to move past this news though, you might like this video that Fr Chris helped to make about the priesthood HERE at iCatholic.ie   and this video of Fr Chris speaking about youth ministry at the Synod last year HERE

As Bishop Brendan says in the video above, Fr Chris is going to work part time in youth ministry for a few more months, and then be in Dublin (Veritas) for a few months. He isn't leaving Limerick diocese, he isn't gone for a long time and we all hope that the love we all hold him in will be a support not a pressure in the months to come. May his good work inspire us not to cling, but to do the same for others. 

Aoife Walsh will be the capable, inclusive and kind coordinator of youth ministry in this diocese in the year ahead. With a new youth ministry training programme and the full workload of programs and events planned as usual; Aoife will need all our support and love as she continues the work with her team here.

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