13 Aug 2017

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Amid nuclear fears, remember a pope once helped avert Armageddon

Musing on the teeth of St Ambrose

Pope orders Belgian religious group to stop offering euthanasia to patients 

Is it weird that Catholics venerate relics? Here's why we do

Secondhand Holiness: A Gift from My Grandmother

Fr Willie Doyle: time to consider cause for sainthood?

Divorced from religious life? - Do seminaries and religious orders have a responsibility to the young men and women who have entrusted their spiritual lives to them if and when they decide to leave

'I won't defend Danny Healy-Rae's politics but I will defend personal belief in fairies' There’s not a village in the country that doesn’t have these fairy stories, writes Michael Fortune

German Catholicism is rich – but in the wrong ways 

Poignant tribute on death of 'an ordinary farmer' who worked hard and didn't want to be eulogisedSaying farewell with a fistful of grass and a day full of song.

Feeling the Francis effect

Ireland is a ‘cold house’ for Christians – George Hook reacts to BAI ruling on 'haunted bread' complaints

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