8 Oct 2017

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I did not save my son…he saved me - My precious three-year-old was conceived during the darkest day of my life writes Jennifer Christie

"If God is no longer important, the criteria for establishing what is important are displaced. Humans, in putting aside God, submit themselves to the constraints that make them the slave of material forces and thus at odds with their dignity."
New words from Benedict XVI: “If God is no longer important…

The bodies of the Coptic martyrs beheaded by Isis found in Libya 

Breda O’Brien: Silencing a rape victim is never a feminist act 

“From Northern Ireland to Barcelona, we say no to separatism: reconciliation is a possible way” 

Released priests: kidnapping as a “spiritual retreat 

“Oh, No! You Want to be a Nun?”

St. Francis, the Sultan and 13th century “fake news” 

Aleteia - The most unusual churches in the world 

What a tortured prisoner of war taught me about the Rosary 

The Church – A Home Blessed and Broken 

Remains of over 300 individuals given burial in Michigan 

The surprising spiritual power of church bells 

Matt Maher: Jesuit spirituality could save the world 

Yes, millennials like brunch. But that’s not why they’re skipping Mass. 

Church urged to consecrate unbaptised burial sites 

Hoping for life after death - Time is running out for the Irish Church, Fr Joe McDonald tells Greg Daly

Brothers of Charity euthanasia controversy could have far-reaching implications

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