29 Dec 2017

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Glenstal Abbey - Abbot Brendan’s Homily at Christmas Midnight Mass
Glenstal Abbey - Prior Senan’s Homily at Christmas Midday Mass 

Without Jesus there is no Christmas, Pope tells pilgrims 

Pope Notes ‘Strong Link’ Between Jesus’ Birth and St. Stephen’s Death - Both events call us to conversion, the Holy Father said in his Angelus address today.

Why are there three different Masses on Christmas?

The flight into Egypt—now with ISIS nearby

Don’t put that Christmas tree away! The Christmas season has just begun

There would have been a midwife at the stable

Facing the Brokenness of the Manger

At least 23 missionaries killed in 2017, says Vatican

Pope Francis’ Social Media Guru: An Interview 

Topless woman tries to steal baby Jesus from Vatican nativity scene

5 Quotes from the Church Fathers on the beauty of Christmas 

Asia Bibi has spent more than 3,000 days in prison for blasphemy 

Tomb Door Engraved with Menorah Discovered in Israel - The artifact tells the story of the three major religious groups that have occupied Tiberias over the centuries 

How the Sun Illuminates Spanish Missions On the Winter Solstice - Today, the rising sun shines on altars and other religious objects at many Spanish churches in the U.S. and Latin America

30,000 Shards of Historic Stained Glass Found in Westminster Abbey’s Attic - The glass and other trash was excavated from depressions in the vaulted ceiling and are being made into new windows for the church

Helping refugees means converting hearts hardened against them, Pope says

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