29 Jul 2018

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Reek Sunday - “Church in Ireland is called to return to penance and prayer”

Reek Sunday - Archbishop shares his experience of the Reek Sunday pilgrimage

The State must respect the conscience rights of pro-life hospitals 

Three children killed under Belgium’s euthanasia law

Plea for return of unused Pope Francis Mass tickets 

Free bus, trains and trams in Dublin for papal mass pilgrims

Govt Minister calls for referendum to remove special status of marriage 

Labour senator launches petition to end state-funding of denominational schools 

Poor Clares on the move – along with their deceased Sisters

Rome Diocese opens beatification process of Jesuit superior general Fr. Arrupe

Archbishop says youth alienated by Catholic Church 

US-based Irish seminarian to feature on Nationwide 

The deepest of human longing: A crucible of reason strengthens faith - Notre Dame-Newman Centre project aims to honour legacy of inquiry

Social Media and Sabbath rest: What I have learned 

Simcha Fisher: We must remain open to the beauty around us

The Bodies Lying Right Beneath My Feet

Set aside ideology. The US bishops are guilty of a collective failure 

Time for McCarrick and the rest to answer to the laity and the priesthood

McCarrick, Mary, and Mystery: Seeking truth in the moment

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