29 Aug 2018

Upcoming Schedule on SS102fm and a mea culpa from your blog editor

Your humble blog editor has to issue a mea culpa for the delays on posting this weeks programme blog post (with its corresponding confusion on our podcast listing) and also the general lack of blog activity over the last few days. However, it is rather difficult to blog from 30,000 feet as your editor was in transit back to the Emerald Isle from far away places.

However, my sojourn here is only a temporary visitation as I will be heading off for a four week break and my colleague Lorraine will taking the reins of this enterprise until the end of September! 

As it happens, a lot of the SS102fm team will be away at various stages over the next few weeks but we wanted to give you an indication of the up coming programmes and how SS102fm is going to deal with the WMoF2018 and the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland.

  • 2nd September - Humane Vitae@50
  • 9th September - Reflecting with the Examen Prayer
  • 16th September - SS102fm catches up with the Emmanuel Community in Ireland
  • 23 September - WMoF (No 1) - Various talks, reflections and witness testimonies from WMoF2018
  • 30th September - WMoF (No 2) - The Pilgrims experience of WMoF2018 - volunteers and pilgrims share their experiences of WMoF2018
  • 7th October - WMoF (No 3) - The Papal WMoF2018: SS102fm reviews and reflects on what Pope Francis said during WMoF2018
  • 14th October - Mission Sunday and the Canonisation of Pope Paul VI and Bishop Oscar Romero.
Over the next couple of weeks we are going to go through the online coverage of WMoF2018 and bring to you various highlights from the event and Pope Francis visit to Ireland.

Thanks for staying with us as we come up towards our 10th anniversary and we appreciate all our listeners and readers.

SS102fm Team

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