29 Jan 2019

Some web browsing.....

Cuba’s first church inauguration since the revolution 

UCD conference gives us a foretaste of the coming push for a ‘right-to-die’ 

BBC - Wanting to die at 'five to midnight' - before dementia takes over

Belgium’s euthanasia law in the dock at European Court of Human Rights

Government’s abortion plans meets roadblock in Muslim doctors 

Tale of German man who survived abortion has lessons for Irish abortion regime

Pope offers new pastoral strategy on abortion by calling for consolation and reconciliation

New York, Abortion and the Short Road to Chaos

Pope Says He Is Against Making Priestly Celibacy Optional in the Latin Rite 

Taming the Demon - How Desert Monks Put Work in Its Place 

Body of venerable teen exhumed, too early to declare incorrupt 

Remembering the Holocaust is more imperative than ever, says President Higgins 

“Wonderful things are happening in the young Church.” - Sixty students from Ireland attended the SEEK2019 conference in the United States and have come back inspired.`

How the Examen Made Me Smile at the Mailbox 

Wars of Religion. Because in Ukraine the Most Ecumenical Are the Greek Catholics 

World Youth Day 2022 to be held in Lisbon 

Welby says it is 'wonderful' to convert to Catholicism 

Laity must defend the faith not wait for bishops to 'get their act together', says Dreher 

The dangers of schism: the new Cold War within Orthodoxy 

Centenarian of Faith: 100-Year-Old Deacon Still Serves 8 Masses a Week

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