12 Feb 2019

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What if Christ appears as suddenly as an Irish beach?

Abuse of Faith - 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms 

The Irish woman who exposed abuse of nuns by priests 25 years ago

The Abuse of Nuns and Sisters in the Catholic Church - iBenedictines

Lay Catholics: Stop Waiting for Bishops to do Your Job 

The Marvelous Preservation of St. Bernadette 

Candles of Atonement to mark Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse  

Historic document lays foundation to spread world peace - Pope Francis and Great Imam of Al-Azhar sign Document on Human Fraternity affirming brotherhood of all men and women and condemning every form of violence, especially those “clothed with religious motivations”.

ACP priest says new style of leadership is needed for Irish Church  - Bishops need courage not to keep looking over their shoulders to Rome and to confront – respectfully but robustly – those who want to lead us back to the nineteenth century. 

Dying priest described compulsory celibacy as “a kind of sin” - Fr Daniel O’Leary, who died on 21st January, said he wanted to point out that one of the fall-outs of a mandatory celibate life is "the violence it does to a priest’s humanity, and the wounds that it leaves on his ministry”.  

From Cardinal Müller a “Manifesto of Faith” For Today’s Church 

Cardinal Kasper says Mueller’s manifesto spreads ‘confusion and division’ 

How Nuns Have Shaped the Course of Art History 

Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get! 

Ethiopia's 'church forests' are incredible oases of green 

BBC - Asia Bibi - Pakistan's notorious blasphemy case 

Why I am a Catholic - iBenedictines

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