19 May 2019

19th May 2019 - May, the Month of Mary

On this week's programme we repeat part of a programme originally broadcast in May 2014 when we reflected on various teachings on Mary in the church and her role in salvation history as set out in catholic theology. We also have our regular reflection on the Sunday Gospel as well as some liturgical odds and ends.

You can listen to the podcast of this week's full programme HERE.

May, the Month of Mary

SS102fm has had programmes on various individual devotions to Mary over the last couple of years. But, as May is traditionally the month of Mary on this week's programme, Lorraine leads us through a reflection on Catholic's understanding of Mary in salvation history and in the church. Using the book 'Introduction to Mary - The Heart of Marian Doctrine and Devotion' by Mark Miravalle we looked at what is devotion to Mary and Mary in Scripture (Old Testament pre-figurements of Mary and Mary in the New Testament). 

We then looked at two key Marian doctrines: (1) Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother; and (2) the Immaculate Conception.  Both of these Marian doctrines (indeed, all Marian doctrines) are centred around Christ and what He has done for us.  If you would like to read the first two chapters of Mark Miravalle's book (and other works on Mary), it is available HERE.  The book is available to buy HERE.

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Catholic Culture - Mary, What you need to know
Catholic Culture - May, the month of Mary
EWTN - Vatican II on Mary - Lumen Gentium

EWTN - Mary in Scripture

You can listen to a podcast of this reflection excerpted from the programme HERE.

Gospel - John 13:31-33,34-35

When Judas had gone Jesus said:

‘Now has the Son of Man been glorified,
and in him God has been glorified.
If God has been glorified in him,
God will in turn glorify him in himself,
and will glorify him very soon.

‘My little children,
I shall not be with you much longer.
I give you a new commandment:
love one another;
just as I have loved you,
you also must love one another.
By this love you have for one another,
everyone will know that you are my disciples.’
Reflections on this week's gospel:

Word on Fire

English Dominicans
Centre for Liturgy
Sunday Reflections

Liturgical odds & ends

Liturgy of the Hours - Psalter Week 1

Saints of the Week

May 20th - Saint Bernardino of Siena 
May 21st - Saint Christopher Magallanes and his Companions
May 22nd - Saint Rita of Cascia 
May 23rd – St. John Baptist de Rossi 
May 24th – St. David I of Scotland
May 25th – St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi 

The Benedictine Community in Stamullen will be hosting another  3 days of Perpetual Adoration from 24th May to 26th May in atonement and reparation for the outcome and implications of the abortion referendum.  We will be asking Our Lady to intercede for Ireland, for faith and life, that God's Will be done here and indeed further afield. If you would like to join us please let us know by texting back on this number - 086-8389989.

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