21 Jul 2011


An Unfaithful generation seeks a sign
"The tragedy of our modern world is that it wants proof that God exists. There is no such proof. No amount of books, libraries, erudite people or marvellous speakers can convince us that God exists. We enter into the unseen mysteries of our faith, the mystery of God, through an experience, an event, a happening, a miracle........
Through faith we are able to turn our faces to God and meet his gaze. Each day becomes more and more luminous. The veil between God and man becomes less and less until it seems as if we can almost reach out and touch God. 
Faith is a pulsating thing; a light, a sun that nothing can dim if it exists in the hearts of men. As Saint Paul says, "It is the assurance of things not yet seen" (He 11:1). That is why it's beautiful. God gives it to me saying, "I love you. Do you not love me back? Come and follow me in the darkness. I want to know if you are ready to go into things that you do not see yet, on faith alone". 
Then you look at God, or at what you think is God in your mind, and you say,"Look, this is fine, but you are inviting me to what? An emptiness? A nothingness? There is nothing to see. I cannot touch you. I cannot feel you". Then God goes on to say,"I invite you to a relationship of love; your love of me, my love of you"
Servant of God, Catherine de Hueck Doherty (d. 1985) was born in Russia and was the foundress of Madonna House.

Taken from "Meditation of the Day Monday 18th July 2011" from Magnificat (details on the spiritual magazine and subscription information here).

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