25 Aug 2012

26th August 2012 - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) - Knock

On this weeks programme Michael Keating makes a welcome return and leads a discussion about the apparition at Knock, we have our regular reflection on the Sunday gospel as well as some other bits and pieces including the saints of the week.

This weeks podcast is available to listen to HERE.


Michael Keating tells us of the story of the Apparitions of Knock this morning and leads a panel discussion with John, Lorraine and Shane around the significance of the apparition. While the shrine at Knock is mainly viewed as a Marian shrine, Michael reminds us that the focus of this silent apparition was actually on the Lamb of God on the Altar before the Victorious Cross and how Mary once more is pointing the way to her Son and not to herself.
Gospel - John 6: 60-69

Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.’

Reflections on this weeks gospel:

Word on Fire
Centre for Liturgy
Sunday Reflections
English Dominicans
Blue Eyed Ennis

Liturgical odds and ends

Divine Office - Psalter - Week 1

Pope's Intentions for September 2012

General Intention
  • Prisoners - That prisoners may be treated with justice and respect for their human dignity.
Mission Intention
  • Youth Witness to Christ - That young people, called to follow Christ, may be willing to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Saints of the Week

August 27th - St Monica
August 28th - St Augustine of Hippo
August 29th - The Beheading of John the Baptist
August 30th - St Fiacre
August 31st - St Aidan of Lidensfarne

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