29 Sep 2012

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A reflection on the "meaning of the wedding ring".

As everyone knows, we didn't really have a summer in Ireland this year, but the Anchoress has a reflection on "the Summer's Darkling Rain".

October 11, 2012 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council. It is perhaps both a tribute to that council and a challenge to it, that Pope Benedict XVI has chosen that date to commence a “Year of Faith” which will continue until November 24, 2013, the Solemnity of Christ the King. The Anchoress reflects on the need for prayer in this Year of Faith.

Challenges to christianity in the world today - "Keep faith private or switch jobs".

John Allen also presents a summary of Playing politics with the global war on Christians.

In the midst of the suffering in our church today, sometimes we need to remember to say a Prayer for a grieving priest.

Still no white smoke over vacant Bishop of Limerick position - Limerick Leader

Take a trip up the Volga river in Russia and when you get to the small town of Kalyazin keep your eyes peeled for something unusual. There, in the middle of an artificial lake stands something a little perplexing. Is it a weird Russian form of lighthouse? Some weird folly built on an island?The answer is a resounding no. During the 1940s the then Communist government had big plans to make the turbulent river navigable all year around. So a cascade of dams and reservoirs was ordered on the Upper Volga. It gave the region the much needed transport artery and hydroelectricity in to the bargain. It also buried hundreds of years of history, of which the bell tower of the Makaryevsky Monastery is the only visible remnant above the waters of the Uglich reservoir. - The monastery under the lake.
From the BBC Worldservice - The man who turned his home into a public library

Emergency surgery in Kampala, Uganda, saved Gary Smith’s life. In the weeks following, he reflects on God’s presence and his call to be a Jesuit priest - Why was I delivered from death?

Over at Beginning to Pray, Anthony has a couple of reflections on St Hildegard of Bingen which are well worth a read and reflection on.

Continuing with the Hildegard of Bingen stories, over at Anamcara, a reflection on the first official feast day of the new saint and soon to be doctor of the church!

Over at Egregious Twaddle on Patheos, Joanne has been on pilgrimage to Portugal, Spain and France. Have a wander over and check out her pilgrim reflections........

A reflection on freedom.

Recently we interviewed Sr Louise O'Rourke about her congregation the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master. Sr Louise has gone to Canada for further studies and is blogging at Pilgrims Progress. Why don't you go over and say hello from us and have a read of her blog posts which have a lot of food for thought.

A reflection on Dorothy Day with a round up of links to other articles - Dorothy Day's dynamic orthodoxy

A reflection on our modern misconceptions of angels from Digital Nun - St Michael and All Angels

A Limerick connection to the Synod of Bishops being held in Rome in October 2011 to discuss the New Evangelisation - Pope appoints Irish priest as Synod advisor

The balance between conservation and sharing the gift that is the Sistine Chapel is discussed in "Restricted entry to Sistine chapel unthinkable"

Ever wonder about the problem of Yoga for Christians?

Up until 1970 the Doctors of the Church were all male. Only men were given this exceptional and solemn title for having contributed in a fundamental way to the couture and the doctrine of the Church. It was Paul VI who was the first Pontiff to give the title to two women, Catherine of Siena Teresa , giving them a leading role in our Church's tradition, culture and history; he recognizes in the Saint “infused wisdom, that is to say, lucid, profound and inebriating absorption of the divine truths and mysteries of the faith contained in the Holy Books of the Old and New Testaments”. Following the two. Therese of Lizieux were proclaimed. On 7 October, Benedict XVI will confer the same title on Hildegard of Bingen. - Continue reading Infused Wisdom

Christ is in our midst - a catholic christian pays a visit to a Russian Orthodox chapel in Bejing

Our Jewish neighbours recently celebrated the Jewish High Holy Days which concluded with Yom Kippur. Cardinal Dolan reflects on "Where is Our Catholic Yom Kippur?"

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