17 Nov 2012

18th November 2012 - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

On this weeks show, Fr Michael Liston joins us on the programme to discuss the Year of Faith and the gift of faith; we have our regular reflection on the Sunday gospel as well as some notices and our saints of the week.

Podcast of this weeks programme is available HERE.

Year of Faith and Why am I a Catholic?

Fr Michael Liston joins us on the programme this week to reflect on the Year of Faith and how it is an opportunity for us to rediscover the joy of our faith in our lives.
Why are you are Catholic?

As part of our contribution to the Year of Faith, Sacred Space 102fm wants our readers and listeners to tells us Why they are Catholic christian?

The Year of Faith is a reminder to us all that we are called to share in community and in communion with one another and to be witnesses and missionaries to the world. It doesn't call for heroic deeds and travel to far distant places but as St Therese of Lisieux said of doing the little things extraordinarily well.

In Ireland in particular being a Catholic Christian has been a challenging endeavour especially over the last number of years as we have watched in horror as our church leadership has lurched from one crisis to another like drunken sailors and at all times seeming to suffer from a serious case of "foot in mouth". But 84% of Irish citizens recently indicated on the Census that they still regard themselves as Catholic. We want to know why.

Will you share your story with us, and together we can encourage each other on the journey of faith that we are all sharing. To be Christian is to live in community, by definition almost you can't be a Christian on your own.

You can post a comment below (please be advised that all comments are moderated and it may take a day or two for one of the team to see it and publish it to the blog), you can email us at
sacredspace102@gmail.com or you can write to us at the address on the sidebar c/o West Limerick 102fm

Below we have two contributions which we have received:

From Conor:

I've been a believing, practising Catholic all my life, but that's not to say my faith has never been challenged. When I went to Cambridge to study science, I was surrounded by people who didn't share my faith, and I met many who actively opposed what the Church stood for. I was forced to question my faith, and this led to a lot of study, prayer, and conversation with non-believers and fellow believers. In the end, I was happy to conclude that only the Catholic Faith made sense of my experience of the world: only it could account for the sense of being called to greatness as well as the sense of my own frailty, the beauty in the world as well as all the ugliness and pain. Only it could give a sound foundation to my intellectual search for truth and my personal search for peace. I've been blessed to have seen the Church at its best: in my parents who taught me to pray and to love; in friends who challenged me to aim for holiness; and in great gatherings of the young faithful.

From Mary
I like being a Catholic because:
1. It offers me the wonderful peace which comes from trusting in a loving, caring God as my steadfast anchor in the stormy water's of lifes journey.
2. It allows me to be loved and loving every moment of my life in obedience to Jesus' great commandment of love; and
3. The resurrection offers me the great hope of spending eternity with a loving God and my dearly loved and missed departed family memebers and friends.

Gospel - Mark 13:24-32

Reflections on this weeks gospel:

Family Rosary
Word on Fire
Blue Eyed Ennis
English Dominicans
Centre for Liturgy

Liturgical Odds and Ends

Divine Office - Week 1

Saints of the Week

November 19th - St Hugh of Lincoln
November 20th - St Edmund of East Anglia
November 21st - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
November 22nd - St Cecilia
November 23rd - St Columbanus
November 24th - St Colman of Cloyne

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