3 Nov 2012

November 3rd - Feast day of St Malachy

On the Irish calendar, today is the feast day of St Malachy who was the first formally canonised Irish saint (interestingly we only have four formally canonised saints - Malachy, Laurence O'Toole, Oliver Plunkett, Charles of Mt Argus - all the rest of our saints were canonised by acclaimation).

St Malachy lived in the 12th century and was, among other things, Archbishop of Armagh. Malachy contributed greatly to the reform of the Irish Church during very difficult times.He struggled heroically to wrest control of the Church from lay dynasties and give bishops effective authority in their dioceses in 12 century Ireland.  The diocesan structure which he established was more or less as it is today.

In this time when - once more we seek renewal and restructuring - St Malachy pray for us!

Further information here and here.

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