20 Mar 2013

Some web browsing - A Pope Francis special

Well folks, just days into the new pontificate with its many surprises and moments of incredible-ness, Pope Francis is putting is mark on the role of the bishop of Rome. The coverage on the internet is nearly at saturation point but the following are a couple of articles which stuck out of the morass of articles:

First off, check off Phil over at Blue Eyed Ennis - she has the most eclectic round up of articles and links on various aspects of the new Pope and after Rocco has been one of the first blogs this blogger has visited when the manic-ness of life has allowed at the moment.

Of course, the court scribe Rocco over at Whispers is a must read and entertaining as well and also keep an eye on his Twitter feed.

Regular readers of this blog will know we have a particular grá for Rome Reports with their short videos which sum up the main Roman stories of the day.

Vaticanista's come in many shapes and sizes but John Allen of NCR and Sandro Magister have some interesting analysis and colour pieces.

Someone over at Vatican Information Services is obviously clocking up serious over time as their blog has regular updates from the daily press conference which has some excellent information. At the same time Vatican Radio and News.va also have great stories and the new Pope's homilies and reflections (as an aside, while BXVI kept bloggers busy with reflections and homilies, Papa Francis has really kept us on our toes! Hopefully we will get you some quotes up in the next while!).

Aside from these main sources of information, the following articles caught our eye during the last few days:
Pope Francis and the Pathway to Easter - Pope Francis was just elected and we look forward to his message to the Universal Church in the coming days. He is a man of deep prayer and a man of profound concern for the poor. At the beginning of Lent, he made an impassioned plea to the clergy and religious of Argentina, “The Kingdom of God may need our hearts torn by the desire for conversion and for the love, the breaking forth of grace and the effective gesture to ease the pain of our brothers and sister who walk together with us.”

Pope Francis and the Poetry of Hope

Praying with Pope Francis
'Go and Repair My House,' Heard the Saint of Assisi -I viewed it all initially with hope, doubt and detachment. And then the white smoke, and the bells, and the people came running, and once again as many times before my eyes filled with tears, and my throat tightened. That in the end is how so many Catholics, whatever their level of engagement with the church, feel. "I was more loyal than I meant to be."

The Jesuit in the Dominican Robes, with the Franciscan Name

Pope Francis' first 24 hours: Doing it his way

A New Pope for a New Chapter in an Old Story

The Pope Francis I know - His role in Argentina stirs controversy, but now Francis can start with a new name and a clean bill of moral health
Letting go: the challenging lessons of Benedict and Francis
This Ignatian Franciscan Pope - What will a church look like that dedicates its energies to serving Christ's poor? My own hope is that this might be a moment to stop our ecclesial hand-wringing and get to work.
New Pope Puts Spotlight on Jesuits, an Influential Yet Self-Effacing Order
The Name of Francis, the Rule of St. Ignatius, and the Example of Jonah - The new pope tells how and why he chose to go by the name of the saint of Assisi. But already he has recalled the founder of the Society of Jesus as well. And like the prophet, he wants to preach to the modern Nineveh the forgiveness of God. A revealing interview
Is Pope Francis still a Jesuit?
Transitional Pope could radically transform church - Breda O'Brien
Francis "will be a great Pope": Clelia Luro de Podesta weighs in on the new pontiff
Could Óscar Arnulfo Romero be beatified soon?
Cardinal Bergoglio's Lenten Message for the archdiocese of Buenos Aires
Everything you need to know about Pope Francis and Argentina's Dirty War and Francis, the Jesuits and the Dirty War
The priests, the narcos, the threats -  The drug traffickers threatened the parish priest of a villa miseria, stirring a wave of popular sympathy. An interview with Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
A Jesuit and Pope - Among the first calls the newly elected Pope Francis made was to the person known popularly as the "black pope," the Superior General of the Jesuits, the largest order of priests in the Catholic Church. In the informal, personal style that is beginning to mark his papacy, Francis placed the call himself.
Papacy Idiocy - Among its many splendors, a papal conclave affords a refreshingly unguarded window into the media’s parochial view of the larger world.
Was This the First Time In History That the Bishop of Constantinople Attended the Installation of the Bishop of Rome?
Between Fusty and Freaky: Can Francis find the Liturgical Balance?
Curia: The Pope’s new style could mean reforms on the horizon
Living La Vida Justicia: Reconsidering Pope Francis and Liberation Theology
Leonardo Boff and Hans Küng on Pope Francis
Pope Francis I (Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio) Stands With the Poor: Quotes on Justice

The silence at the heart of Pope Francis’s Jesuit identity


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    Big Congratulations to you and the team for this awesome set of resources for our new Pope who has brought an inspiring freshness to the Papacy.
    Blessings and peace to all at Sacred Space 102fm for the coming Holy Week.

  2. Thanks Phil, it is been a logistically challenging week this week for many reasons! Pax and blessings for Holy Week. S