10 Apr 2013

The Weekly Observer - Bishop of Limerick to be ordained on Sunday

An excerpt from this weeks The Weekly Observer in west Limerick:

Up to 1,500 people will attend Fr Leahy's ordination which begins at 3pm with all guests to be seated by 2.30pm. Chief celebrant will be Archbishop Dermot Clifford of Cashel and Emly, and his co-consecrators will include the Apostolic nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin. Up to 15 bishops and over 200 priests will also attend the ordination, along with representatives of parishes across the diocese and friends and family of Fr Leahy, including his 91 year old father Maurice.

Speaking at a media briefing on Limerick ahead of his ordination on Sunday, Fr Leahy said that the church must take on board all it has learnt over the last 20 years or more and begin reconnecting with the community about the Gospel and its message.

"As a Church......we need to reconnect with the message of the Gospel but how we do that is also very important. It cannot just be from the pulpit; we need to communicate across all platforms, across the traditional media, across the social media. The important thing is that the Church becomes the conversation and the dialogue"............

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