23 Oct 2013

November: In Memoriam - Limerick Diocese parish project to celebrate priests, who have served, blessed and led us.

From Limerick Diocese:

November: In Memoriam

A parish project to celebrate priests, who have served, blessed and led us.

In working through our Diocesan Archive, it has become clear that we have very few pictures of our priests from across the last hundred years. Many men didn’t want fuss, others didn’t have a photograph to pass on. So we have the very real problem of not being able to see, and be reminded, of those who served us so well.

One place where photos do remain are in Memoriam cards – those prayerful reminders of someone who has died. These cards - often in people’s homes, prayer-book’s or bedsides – are often the last link in a chain of memory and prayer.

This November we are inviting you to keep the chain of memory and prayer alive.

We would like you to search out and share any Memoriam cards you have of Limerick priests and religious. We don’t want to take them from you, but rather we would like to make a copy of any Memoriam cards that you have. We are also of course delighted to take care of any Memoriam cards that you wish to donate to the Diocesan Archive.

A personal invite:

Do you have Memoriam Cards of Limerick priests or religious? These might be in a family prayer book, by a bedside or in a drawer. Would you allow us to scan (copy) these so that we develop a digital diocesan archive

Just call Noirin (061400133), or David (061315856) to arrange to call in with your cards. We
will copy the cards there and then and return them to you safe and sound.

If you wish to donate cards to the Diocesan Archive, call David on 061315856

A parish invite:

Why not create a display this November celebrating those who have left this parish to serve, within the diocese or beyond. Ardpatrick Community Council, working with Bishop John Fleming, have created a beautiful book on this theme.

You might have a display case of Memoriam cards in the church porch or in a prayer space – including a book for people to add names of those they want remembered, and a prayer for those who served.
A joint initiative of the Diocesan Archive and Pastoral Development teams.
061 400133/NLynch@ldpc.ie 061315856/David@ldo.ie

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