16 Apr 2014

A Reminder about that Trocaire Box (and how much the people of Limerick diocese have contributed to Trocaire (2010-2013))

SS102fm is always happy to support the great work that Trocaire does and help promote the Trocaire Lenten campaign. We had a programme about the 2014 Lenten campaign on 23rd March 2014 where Noirin Lynch came on the programme to tell us about it and you can listen to it HERE.

Just a reminder for you to take your Trocaire box to your local parish and ensure you contribute to their great work. All donations through parishes in Limerick are remitted directly to Trocaire.

From 2010 to 2013, the Limerick Diocesan Central Office remitted the following amounts collected from parishes around the diocese to Trocaire. This doesn't include any amounts that may have been donated directly by parishes, organisations, religious communities or individuals.
  • Trocaire Lenten campaign 2010 - 2013 €885,000
  • Trocaire Disaster Appeals 2010 - 2013 €516,000
That makes a total of €1,401,000 donated by the people of Limerick diocese!!

If you wish to make a donation to Trocaire directly please go HERE.

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