23 Apr 2015

25-year high for women’s religious vocations in England, Wales - UPDATED

The number of women entering religious life in England and Wales rose from seven in 2004 to 45 in 2014, the highest number in 25 years. Eighteen of the 45 entered cloistered communities, according to The Independent, while the rest entered active orders.

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Catholic Herald - Women entering religious life in England and Wales at 25-year high
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The Independent - Dissatisfaction with modern life prompts surge in number of women entering convents
Catholic Ireland.net - Women entering UK convents hits 25 year high
"Entering religious life as a nun, sister, brother or priest is ultimately a decision of love. Like any love, on one level it’s a bit mysterious, and hard to explain to someone who doesn’t share it. If you asked a married couple: “So what made you decide to get married?”, they might be able to list one another’s qualities, shared interests, and so on, but all that would not be enough to explain the simple fact that stands at the heart of their relationship: that they love one another. On another level, though, it’s quite straightforward. If you spend all your time with someone and rearrange your life around them, if you start to share friends and interests, then you might – eventually – think about marrying them. Entering religious life was, for me, an acknowledgement that I had met this kind of life-shaping love."
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A couple of weeks back we did an interview with Br Conor OP on the programme. In this weeks Irish Catholic he reflects on how "A vocation brings real joy and adventure"

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