13 Apr 2016

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Christianity and the Threat of Intimacy

Bones of saint ‘found in ruins of monastery destroyed by ISIS’

Regensburg Revisited: Ten Years Later, A West Still in Denial - Irrationality not only manifests itself in violence but also in an inability to apply authentic reason to the many pressing challenges of our age. 

5 Responses to the Ridiculous Rancor of Some Toward Mother Teresa If you don't believe in God, it's hard to believe in good.

Vatican to Host Conference Re-Evaluating Just War Theory

The Exposition of the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil - Seamless garment purported to have been worn by Christ on Calvary, displayed until April 10

Franciscan Friars Open New Community in Muslim Country - First new friary in Turkey since Istanbul

King Abdullah II of Jordan funds Holy Sepulchre restoration work

Atheist Ireland: no need for college chaplains 

Sometimes God Wants You to Shut Up - The truth can comfort you, but it doesn’t comfort you in the same way that a friend sitting at your side comforts you

Orthodox Blessings for Devout Kittens - In Optina’s Monastery, in Kozelsk, Russia, a cat procession is part of the daily routine   

Bishop Barron: “Miracles from Heaven” and the Problem of Theodicy - How could an all-loving and all-powerful God possibly allow the horrific suffering endured by those who simply don’t deserve it?

One Is the Loneliest Number…Especially at Mass - When you've never married, or had children, being single at Mass can really hurt

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