25 Apr 2016

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On Benedict XVI anniversary, why he’ll go down as ‘Great Reformer’

Benedict XVI: A “Great Reformer”? Yes, and a Stabilizer, Too - For almost 40 years, Benedict XVI has been the ballast in the Barque of Peter

The Diagnosis and the Cure: Benedict XVI and the Dictatorship of Relativism. This future Doctor of the Church saw what ails us and articulated the only thing that can make us better.

Francis kisses Fr. Ernest Simoni’s hand - At this morning’s audience, the Albanian priest who spent 28 years in prison gave Francis a copy of a book in which he talks about his life story

Blind woman says disability reveals myths underlying abortion

No one should use the name of God to try to justify violence – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Dorothy Day would be ideal American saint for Pope Francis

Friends of Dorothy Day Commend Important Step To Sainthood

Metropolitan Hilarion compares Europe with the atheistic Soviet Union

Is Dorothy Day Suitable for Canonization?

WoF- Porn and the Curse of Total Sexual Freedom

Pope Warns Against Admitting Rigid, Fundamentalist Young Men into Seminary

How My Wife’s Alzheimer’s Tested My Virtue - With the terrible disease comes a relentless assault on not only patience but kindness, goodness, faith and joy

Pope Francis Surprises Thousands of Teens in St. Peter’s Square by Hearing Confession - We imagine the intro: “Hi, I’m Francis. My friends used to call me Jorge; did you know this is his feast day? Let’s slay some dragons — tell me your confession ...”

Was Shakespeare actually a secret Catholic?


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