5 May 2016

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Mother Angelica, One Month Gone - The legacy of a life well-lived

Pope paves the way for beatification of Jesuit Irish priest 

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marriage and Annulments But Were Afraid to Ask

Why Try For an Annulment When You Don’t “Need” One? More than showing me my failures, it showed me how I could change

Powerful: What a Bishop Did to Express Sorrow Over Clergy Sex Abuse

Pope to receive 6,000 homeless pilgrims

The Limitless Potential of Men to Transform Manhood

The Crisis of Masculinity

The Culture of Medicine and the Challenges of Compassion

More Joy – Washing Dishes and Witnessing Resurrection

It's the Culture - how the West became deaf to the biblical voice that had led it

5 Reasons Why Men Should Go to Mass

Trouble with the Suscipe - Zoe Romanowsky, lifestyle editor and video content curator for Aleteia, admits not being able to pray with sincerity the Suscipe, or “Take, Lord, Receive” prayer of St. Ignatius. She goes through the lines of the prayer with a running commentary of the thoughts the prayer evokes.

Karl Rahner, SJ, and the God-Moment - In a TEDx talk at Fordham University, doctoral candidate Paul Schutz talks about Ignatian spirituality and mindfulness in the thought of Karl Rahner, SJ. Schutz says for Rahner: Heaven, God, these ideas that usually get talked about in church are not about ideas that are floating around up in the sky, but radically present in front of your face in every moment, and the ability to say yes or no to that moment is the God-moment, is the moment of encounter with God.

CNEWA - Russia has a long and venerable tradition when it comes to Orthodox bell ringing. It’s a tradition that fell silent during the Soviet era, but has now jubilantly returned. Returning with it: an increased demand for bell ringers. The video below, from National Geographic, gives us a sample, along with a little background.

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