12 May 2016

Some web browsing....

Lady Gaga’s Mass pics and posts on faith stir Catholic reaction
Gaga: “God Is Never a Trend, No Matter Who the Believer”
The Pope Heard My Confession’  - “I could tell that it was my heavenly Father that was speaking to me through a person”

Catholic Missionaries: Where a Wiccan Meets Mercy - "The magic makes me very disoriented," says a man who needs a rosary.

Rome: The Streets of Saints and Emperors - The city reminds us that even our own forms of worship may one day pass, but some things last forever

5 Things to Know About First Saturdays - The devotion was specifically requested by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima

Pope calls for commission to study reinstating female deacons

Pope thanks nuns for telling him there’s a ‘disconnect’

NCR - Francis to create commission to study female deacons in Catholic church

America - Catholic Women Deacons

Pope Francis says he's open to studying the female diaconate

Not-So-Ordinary Time

Why doesn't Sabina Higgins respect the right to life of my nine-year-old daughter?

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