14 Jul 2016

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Statistics don’t back ‘civilised and compassionate’ claim
Vicar’s daughter brings quiet Anglican faith to Prime Minister’s post

Do not be afraid to proclaim your faith: Archbishop Brown - Church is built on young people, Archbishop Brown tells Youth 2000 summer festival.

World Youth Day is much more than ‘Catholic Woodstock’

Louis and Zélie Martin “failed” all the way to sainthood - What in our eyes can seem like embarrassing failures may look very different to God
Sisters, nuns, aspirants, postulants, novices: What does it all mean? A helpful glossary of terms related to female Catholic religious
Knock Finalises Programme for National Novena - Daily ceremonies of popular novena to be streamed on shrine internet site and on Radio Maria.
Miracles aren’t ‘making a comeback’ – they never went away
American & Spanish journalists named new spokespeople for ‘boomtown’ Vatican
Showdown in the Philippines - Cardinal Tagle is a 'Catholic rock star'; President Duterte scorns the Pope and believes in an eye for an eye. Both are loved by the people — so who will prevail?
A firebrand for the Phillipines - The new presidency bodes ill for the Church, writes Paul Keenan

Cardinal Sarah has challenged "the prejudices" behind "certain modern liturgical practices" - An interview with Sacra Liturgia’s international coordinator, Dom Alcuin Reid, about the recent London conference and the reactions to Robert Cardinal Sarah’s Address.

 On Mass facing East or the people, both camps are right

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