22 Jul 2016

Some web browsing.....

Seven things you need to know about World Youth Day 2016

Citizens’ convention is a smokescreen: Bishop Doran - "Any government which seeks to legalise the taking of innocent human life betrays its sacred trust and is guilty of a crime against humanity.”

Vatican Radio - New Evangelisation in Ireland: how to be a non-ghetto, creative minority

CNA - Catechetical youth site aims to share mercy at World Youth Day

CNA - Why pray after tragedy? This Sandy Hook mother has an answer

Catholic Herald - Francis has an excellent chance to heal his rift with followers of St John Paul II

CNA- Baptism at sea – refugee child born during boat rescue

Irish Catholic - Huge differences in priests’ pay across country; Parish clergy earn less than average earnings

Irish Catholic - Busting myths around priestly pay; A calling from God, not a cushy career

5 holy hotheads who worked for heaven - These men and women managed to turn their quick tempers into constructive, charitable service to God, the Church and the world

Pope Francis in Poland: Amid the celebrations, some serious prayer and remembrances planned - Poland's history of martyrs and more will be on his mind...

Fathers and the future of the Faith - When the father makes a point of going to church, there is a better chance that the kids will remain

Cloistered Nuns Want to Pray for You 

Facing East During the Liturgy: Fact and Fiction

It has been a few busy weeks for ordinations across the country but especially for the religious orders with ordinations for the Dominicans and the Pallotines. Ad multos annos to all the ordinands!

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