1 Jan 2017

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Try “The Yearly Examen”: A spiritual exercise for a better 2017 -It is only in looking back that one can move forward. 

Meet the captain of the realists on the Church and women 

In Wake of Video Appeal, Indian Christians Clamor for Salesian Priest’s Release 

Debating ‘Amoris Laetitia’: A Look Ahead 

Bishop Barron: Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ and the Seaside Martyrs - The secular establishment is all too willing to dismiss passionately religious people as dangerous, violent, and let’s face it, not that bright.

The Jesuit Post - The Best of What I Read in 2016 

Called Out of Consumption 

Aleteia - Our favorite stories of 2016 - Before we ring in 2017, a look back at some of our favorite pieces, and some worthies you may have missed.

Debbie Reynolds’ last words are a hope of Heaven that Pope Francis might endorse 

7 Times the Virgin Mary has visited mankind. What does she want to tell us?

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