8 Jan 2017

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Joy and Devotion in a German Convent

Against "Herods of Our Time," Pope's Surprise Christmas Cry for Kids

Journeying - Darkness or unknowing has a part to play in every expression of faith and unbelief. Free of illusions of certainty, we can freely explore the mysteries that make up a life and encounter others who like ourselves are open to the reality that defies explanation.
Real faith is about trust and not certainty 

What happens if only one person shows up at church? 

Dog bites man: New York Times editor admits ‘We don’t get religion’ 

Bishop Barron: Go in haste! Be amazed! Treasure! - A message to the “nones” and to those who are tempted to move into secularism

Why Catholics play dumb - Those who shy away from explaining and defending the faith may have good reasons to do so

5 Ways to put all those Christmas cards to good use - So many of our Christmas cards are photos, these days, and that can be a prompt for prayer and outreach! 

Is Fr. Paul Keller’s essay really the way "Amoris Laetitia" should be read? - Keller’s essay illustrates how pastors are going to stumble into accepting the central flaw in AL: implicitly assuming that a Catholic’s assessment of his or her own conscience is the sole criterion governing a minister’s decision to give holy Communion to a member of the faithful.

Seeking Signs During The Times - Many Catholics have been engaged in apocalyptic speculation, as it seems to them not only the world but also the Church is spinning apart. But is this speculation Catholic?

High Noon for the Religious Left 

Walking the Camino de Santiago will change you 

A poem and a poinsettia from Paradise 

The improbable Secretary-General 

When a mother loses a child, respond with tears, not words, says Pope

Pray and fast for 40 days to prevent abortion - “You can fast from food, TV, alcohol, cigarettes, sweets or chocolate,” says Precious Life.  To stop abortion “a massive revolution of prayer and sacrifice” is needed.

Dublin priest publishes new book of prayers, meditations and reflections on family life 

Bishops: “The Constitution celebrates the equality of the mother and the unborn child in its Eighth Amendment”

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