11 Feb 2017

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Ever heard of the Orthodox rosary called a “komboskini” or “prayer rope”? Prayer ropes have been used by Eastern Orthodox and Greek-Catholic faithful since at least the 4th century

This Thai Catholic Church Is So Beautiful! A Buddhist Style Redeemed in Christ 

Witness to Knock apparition to be buried at NY Cathedral 

The Hidden Meanings of the Names of the 12 Apostles 

Dorothy Day: Future Saint, Imperfect Parent 

17th-Century Catholic Samurai-Martyr Beatified 

What happens when a family of refugees is invited to live with a community of Jesuits? 

‘Show must go on’ mentality cannot go on forever - There is "pressure from those who no longer go to Mass regularly but want the consolation of the Church when it comes to a death”

Citizens’ Assembly on abortion looks increasingly like a foregone conclusion 

The Church, red lines and faith that is challenging as well as comforting - "Fr Flannery is clearly not even remotely on the same page as Pope Francis”, writes Michael Kelly 

Postmarked Pauses

Of mice and men

A tangible connection: finding new and ancient ways to pray

Catholic Herald - John BerkmanEJ DionneRobert MoynihanInés San Martin and Emma-Kate Symons reflect on the New York Times’ coverage of Steve Bannon and Cardinal Burke.

Pope taps delegate to study ‘pastoral situation’ at Medjugorje 

Aide says Benedict in perfect ‘mental and spiritual’ health 

Pope denounces ‘restorationist’ orders, pokes fun at Medjugorje 

Soppy or Steely? The Case of St Scholastica

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