19 Feb 2017

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The rich treasure of the monastic life

Mary’s Meals Continues to Bear Much Good Fruit - Scottish-born Catholic charity receives award from British House of Lords.

Seven Irish Columbans among 84 modern-day martyrs of Korea who may be beatified 

Remembering Monte Cassino 

The Courageous Witness of "The Lion of Münster"

France bans pro-life websites that do not ‘openly state’ they are pro-life 

When fear wins, Christianity loses - Christians have a responsibility to the men, women, and children fleeing their homelands. 

One man devotes 53 years to building a Cathedral by hand 

When it comes to liturgy, we're all mutually-enriching mongrels - One of the many problems with Latin liturgical reform over the last 40 years was being too heavily influenced by German and Swiss sources, and not enough by Byzantine ones. 

Church of the Multiplication of loaves and fishes re-opened - On Sunday, February 12, the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes re-opened in Tabgha

The age of noise 

A paw-sitive relationship: Istanbul’s love of street cats - A new documentary shows how Turkish strays always land on their feet 

Should We Die? - Radical longevity may change the way we live—and not necessarily for the better.

The world’s biggest charity 

Heart and Seoul: South Korea wants to share its priests with the world 

Young Muslim volunteers help repair Mosul church damaged by ISIS 

‘On our second date, we went to church…’ 

Nobel Prize-winning agnostic scientist says “The miracles at Lourdes are inexplicable” - Faults those who "commit the error of rejecting what they don’t understand"

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