4 Feb 2018

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Pastoral Message of Bishop Kevin Doran – ‘The Gift of Life – A Shared Responsibility’ 
Voting to protect the unborn will send a powerful signal to the world
Nothing brave in embracing media abortion consensus – Creighton
Speaking up before the blow falls
Fighting against a eugenic reality

Euthanasia stems from reducing life to “efficiency and productivity,” pope says

A Lesson in Silence: What One Priest Gained From Living at a Carthusian Monastery

Pope recognizes martyrdom of Trappists in Algeria, clearing path to beatification 

Who is Madeleine Delbrêl—the “French Dorothy Day” Pope Francis made venerable this weekend?

The Benedict experiment

What is it like to be a religious brother? 

On abetting a miracle – What my daughter should understand about altar serving

Don’t substitute the lessons at Mass for non-biblical texts, Pope Francis says 

Proposed new Australian law could label priests ‘agents of the Vatican’

When a family digs the grave, and lowers the body themselves… 

A Burial at Gethsemani

Hopeful for the future - Former UCD student president Katie Ascough talks to Susan Gately about winning the prestigious Westminster Award
Ousted UCD president urges pro-life students to ‘stay strong’

Coping With Insecurity, Uncertainty and Risk

Cardinal Cupich rejects 'Benedict option,' calls for engagement with the world

Pope Francis: Where Mary is, ‘the devil does not enter’

Overcoming the Divisions that separate us

Faggioli, Douthat discuss Francis' first five years - Catholic Church headed for a conflict resolution, argues writer; theologian says Christianity was never accomplished, complete
Debate IRL: Douthat/Faggioli debate moves from Twitter to Fordham campus

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