11 Mar 2018

Introduction to the Catholic Life

From time to time here on SS102fm we like to promote some interesting blogs we come across so check out this new initiative from Scotland!

Introduction to the Catholic Life 
The Pint, the Mic, and the Cross – Four Scottish Catholic guys trying to live out the Catholic life – the so called ICL

"As people of the youth demographic of the Church in western society, we are often subject to a culture which has rather brazenly told God that he is no longer needed. According to most of the things we see, hear, and read, the most important person in your world is not God, but is in fact you: you are the highest good and the highest power in the universe. No pressure. On behalf of all us at ICL, I can say that this new way of looking at the world didn’t sit all that well and so we thought we’d do our part in trying to change it.

Staying Catholic in this culture is difficult and, if a lone effort, near impossible. Practicing your Catholic faith is not typically supposed to be a lonely endeavour. In fact, when we think about heaven being that place where all the faithful are united with God, practicing our faith with others makes all-the-more sense. This has spiritual benefits of course, but also many practical ones: most notably, I think, the encouragement we give one another.

I remember once visiting a church in the centre of Rome and shortly after I sat down in the pew. I found myself slightly bored. After a few moments of looking around appreciating the art and architecture on a purely surface level I stood up to walk out, and just before I did I caught a glimpse of a group of young people in a side chapel at the front of the church- their foreheads were touching the pew in front of them and they were all motionless, in prayer. I looked at them, sat back down, and got my rosary beads out.

We all need that encouragement in the faith every now and again- and this is, in part, our motivation behind releasing our new podcast: to inform, encourage, and hopefully to give a few laughs to an online community of Catholics who strive to live The Catholic Life.


Check out their blog HERE and have a listen to their podcasts.

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