7 Apr 2018

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People of faith – key in referendum on 8th Amendment
Students Against Repeal 
Respectful debate on this issue is a threat to no-one, and indeed should be encouraged.
The world is “watching and praying with Ireland”
The Irish media don’t accept that the right to life is shared internationally 
It’s not for politicians to try and tell the Church what to teach 
Medical myths about Eighth Amendment must be challenged

The Plough - Were You There? 
The Plough - Two Friends, Two Prophets - Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King Jr.
The Plough - Dangerous Unselfishness With Dr. King in Haiti and America

The Plough - What Difference Does Easter Make?

The original Image of Divine Mercy: It's not where you might think

Pope Francis to issue apostolic exhortation on holiness

A new ‘apostolic exhortation’ is coming. What is that, anyway?

The World Is Changing. This Trappist Abbey Isn’t. Can It Last?

Fr Joseph Mallin SJ, the last surviving child of a 1916 leader, has died 

Deacons ordained in Rome 

Four deacons ordained on Easter Monday 

German bishops ask Vatican for clarity on Holy Communion 

Archbishop Chaput: Paul VI would not be surprised by the #MeToo movement 

Ferment over pope’s supposed Hell bombshell mounts in Italy 

In Holy Week 2018, Francis was the great Catholic iconoclast    

Learning from the White Rose

I first read Humanae Vitae as a Protestant. Its truthfulness made me weep

Ordain women: why not? 

Dismantling Catholic misogyny: searching for a way forward 

When God gives you a leveler,learn how to use it!

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